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Hi! I’m Gérard Sellam.

Here is how I help entrepreneurs and busy professionals find the right balance to achieve success in their career and personal lives.

I coach ambitious men and women who are committed to their success.

For many of them, everything looks bright from the outside. But on the inside, this is a different story…

Their ambition is very often shadowed by poor life balance. Their speedy life disconnects them from people they love the most, their inner energy, and their real purpose.

As a boomerang effect, it’s fairly common to discover that their business is stuck too!

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Can I show you a much better path to achieve your goals?

My job is to help entrepreneurs like you succeed in every mission in life!

Try to imagine a professional trajectory that takes care of all life aspects that matter – love, family, health, leisure and more. You get up every morning feeling that you are growing both in your personal life and in your business…

Where do you stand now?

  • Do you feel stuck in both your business and life without understanding why?
  • Do you feel that the gap between your dream life and your reality is just getting wider?
  • Are you keeping busy at work only to avoid thinking about missing parts in your life?
  • Is it the life that you dreamed of in the first place?

How do you get out of the rut you're in?

In a nutshell, you need to reconnect with yourself!

  • Rediscover who you are today.
  • Clearly define what you want.
  • Formulate an action plan.
  • Take action, step by step, to achieve your goal.
  • Enjoy the journey.

Easier said than done, I know!

I can help you get onto a more fulfilling path!

If your goal is to move from your current situation to an upgraded version of your life, I can help.

I’ll help you discover new possibilities, get stronger and grow. I know that with renewed energy, you can design a fulfilling life.

Working together, we will address the significant facets of your life so that you can better connect them and improve your life as a whole.

Get started today with my free guide.

Then you’ll be in a much better place to decide what to do next.

Is Coaching For You?

The coaching process emphasizes two complementary values: ambition and balance.

Ambition for Success

Business ambition might mean:

  • Expanding an existing business or starting a new one for a business owner.
  • Launching a new product, service or project for an entrepreneur or artist.
  • Climbing to the top of the organizational ladder or managing a larger corporation for an executive.

Whatever your situation is, ambition always involves a stretching process to make the most out of your business potential.

Creating a Balanced Life

To make success happen, entrepreneurs need to step out of their comfort zone. This demanding process is known to lead many times to an out of whack personal life.

The cost might be devastating…

  • Relationships with your loved ones deteriorate and suck your energy
  • Your body sends alarming signals that you prefer to ignore
  • Big missing pieces in your dreamed life are fading away forever
  • Your self-esteem is challenged by unfulfilled aspects of your life that are screaming for help

My coaching program provides a framework for you to grow wisely in business and your personal life altogether so that you can reframe your life as a whole.

It requires paying close attention to issues related to lifestyle choices, relationships and life crisis.

Let’s see some real-life examples:

Reducing workload and stress – “I feel like I never get enough done. In the end, I have no time left for the things I love. I’m just like a dog chasing his tail. And with such a never-ending to-do list I never really feel alive.”

Lifestyle change – “I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. My doctor recommended medication, but deep inside I know that the solution isn’t taking pills but a change in my lifestyle.”

Relationships – “Our relationship is not what it used to be when we got married. Now, each of us is busy with his career and everything else is pushed aside.”

Crisis management – “We were used to do everything together and to support each other in any possible way. But now we are mostly clashing. How to get out of this downward spiral and start anew?”

Balance is Key to Success!

Life balance is important. Not to say essential. Everyone knows that. So, what’s new here?

In a nutshell, finding the proper balance in life can propel your business.

If you think about it, deep down, you know it’s true. When you are out of whack and feel stuck, when you experience constant emotional and physical stress, it affects everything, including your business!

You might ask…

“How can I reorganize my life in a way that keeps me more balanced and at peak business performance altogether?”

Your best option is to work one-on-one with me on bringing together what matters in your life:

  • Business and career
  • Love and family
  • Health and energy
  • Leisure and fun
  • Purpose and meaning

My role is to get you on a winning track for your life as a whole. I will help you overcome unconscious blocks, I will support you with the tools you need to succeed, and I will care to keep you charged with a winner mindset.

This process will launch your business and life to new heights.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Your first easy step is to read my free guide that offers a comprehensive framework to upgrade your life.

Then you’ll be in a much better place to decide what to do next.

My Story...

From Philosophy in France to Entrepreneurship in Israel

My life story serves as the basis for my work as a coach.

This is how it all started…

A love story that became a master's degree in philosophy and first coaching experience

Over 30 years ago, I completed a master’s degree in philosophy at the Sorbonne University in Paris.

The theme I chose for my thesis was “Relationships in the Test of Time Inspired by the Philosophy of Vladimir Jankélévitch” – a French philosopher I appreciated at that time.

The process did not merely entail academic studies, but also my first coaching experience… on myself!

Those days, I felt much confusion following a tough breakup. I wanted to learn lessons that would allow me to overcome the pain I was feeling and lay the groundwork for a successful relationship next time.

A few years later, I met my wife in Israel, and together we built a family full of love. The first coaching process I conducted on myself served as the foundation for making the right choices and developing a long-lasting relationship that grows with time.

I learned that with focused and intense work on significant life issues, one could cope, get stronger and grow. And that’s exactly what I do today as a coach with the men and women who seek guidance through their own growth trajectory.

Business and Entrepreneurship

In Israel, I studied for a master’s degree in Business Administration and worked as a knowledge manager for a strategic consulting company.

I quickly became an intrapreneur, developing the organization’s knowledge infrastructure in many directions: launching a search engine tailored to the company’s needs, developing the company’s training program, building processes aimed at gaining an advantage over competitors from abroad, consolidating the array of analytical tools developed within the company, and more.

Over ten years ago, I spread my wings as an independent Internet entrepreneur and embarked on a new path. I built websites, sold products, ran various business models and used a wide range of marketing channels.

I have personally experienced the pressures that an entrepreneur goes through.

I have learned, sometimes the hard way, that stretching myself to the limit can take a heavy toll and ultimately be counterproductive.

The most important skill that I’ve developed along the way as an entrepreneur is keeping mindful, especially in stressful situations. It allows for optimal self-regulation and management in challenging times.

Coaching for Success in Business and Life

My coaching practice combines a unique set of knowledge and experience:

  • I studied philosophy, business administration, personal coaching, mindfulness and other coaching methods.
  • I taught philosophy, worked as a manager in a strategic consulting company and led my own business as an Internet entrepreneur.
  • I immigrated to Israel, built a family and adopted a healthy lifestyle for myself.
  • In all life transitions, I took great care to balance the essential areas in my life.

As a coach, I draw from my experience and knowledge to help ambitious men and women create their most fulfilling life.

And now, what about you?

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

If the answer is “YES!” I invite you to read my free guide today!

Reading this guide will give you a boost of energy to upgrade your life.

Success Stories...

“Working with Gerard has been an incredible experience of growth and clarity from our first session. His grounded presence gave me the ability to dig deep into what was truly in the way of an important decision I was facing. Gerard cut straight to the point with care and precision, and I was able to immediately see how this block had effected every choice I was making in my career and personal life. For years I carried this thought process around, and in one meeting he effectively gave me the ability to set myself free. I ended up making the right decision and was rewarded with one of the most important opportunities of my career (so far) because of it. Thank you Gerard!”

Suzanne Murtha
Entrepreneur & CEO

“Gerard is a master. His broad perspective, clear understanding, and wise advice has helped me improve all areas of my life; business, marriage, parenting, community work, and most importantly, my relationship with myself and G-d.

He has helped me set clear goals in all areas and has a tremendous knack for zeroing in on what’s truly important to you and bringing it into focus.

His coaching has helped me so concretely and dramatically and has borne so much fruit that I only thank G-d he doesn’t charge what it’s worth :)

If you want to improve any area of your life, or if you’re like me and consider self improvement to be the purpose of your existence, you owe it to yourself to seek him out.”

Shalom Moskowitz
Entrepreneur (

Your Success Story

Everyone has a story. What’s yours? And how do you want it to unfold?

Here is a short story to let you picture the kind of work that I do with my clients…

It’s like sitting down in their car and watching them drive it.

I look at where they want to go, which roads they take and how they drive. Together we discover very interesting things…

Sometimes the car doesn’t move because it ran out of fuel or because something stopped to function in the engine.

Sometimes the driver chooses to take a dirt road that requires him to drive slowly and carefully even though there’s a highway right next to him.

Sometimes the car is loaded with baggage in the trunk, the back seat, and the roof and can barely move.

Sometimes the car looks tip-top and yet it won’t move. I notice that the driver is hitting the gas with one foot while hitting the brakes with the other, without even being aware of it.

When I help my clients identify patterns that hold them back, they get empowered and start moving forward.

What about you?

Where do you want to go, and what is stopping you?

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The guide to living a fulfilled life

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In this guide you'll learn:

This guide will give you a boost of energy to upgrade your life.

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